10 Yoga Tips for Beginners

Thinking about Yoga for the very first time? Here are 10 Yoga tips for beginners that will help you make up your mind (and body). Don´t be shy, give it a go!

  1. Find a proper Yoga instructor

First things first: lose that yoga app on your phone. It is much easier and enjoyable to learn yoga with an experienced, qualified, real-three-dimensional-living-breathing person, rather than from a book or video.

Especially at the beginning. It is crucial to have an eyes-on teacher around that has the ability to actually see you and respond to what you are doing right, and wrong. It will build up your confidence. Plus, you will get to meet new amazing people!

  1. Listen to your body. Know your Yoga limits

You don´t need to learn everything on the first day. There is no need to push yourself to do anything that feels risky for you.

This is ‘Ahimsa’, the practice of non-harm, which is essential to skilful and beneficial practice of yoga.

Important advice: if you are pregnant, talk to your teacher and a health professional before you hop on the yoga mat.

Same if you have particular injuries such as to the knees or spine, or any serious medical condition.

Ask your teacher which poses to avoid, and which will be good for you. Be aware of contraindications relevant to your specific circumstances: for example some poses are not to be practiced during early pregnancy, with certain injuries, or during menstruation, whereas other poses may be very helpful.

  1. Never forget to breathe. And relax.

As silly as it sounds, sometimes it is easy to forget to breathe while focusing on your posture. Yoga is all about finding a healthier, deeper harmony between our body and mind, and our breathing is central to this. Breathe into your whole body in the poses, and relax. There is a lot to learn about healthy breathing in yoga.

  1. Only compare to yourself

Want to know if you are making progress? Stop looking what others do, this is not a competition. Start looking what you are capable of achieving now.

Look inwards to your own progress; there will always be more flexible and strong people around you in yoga class, as in life.

Appreciate the subtle progress of your own practice. The best part of it is on the inside.

  1. Mind the space around you

Yes, yoga classes are popular and, therefore, usually packed out. And nobody wants to be cornered or knocked over while making a difficult pose.

So, be aware of the space you need to have an enjoyable practice. There is a certain etiquette of respectful awareness of sharing space with others that is a lovely part of yoga practice.

  1. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. And be humble.

Yoga is all about meditation and quiet time, but there is no need to take ourselves too seriously all the time. Especially if you are a beginner.

You might feel awkward and funny at first. At least until you find your ground. Humility, an inner smile and a bit of gentleness can save us from pushing ourselves to the point of strain and injury.

  1. Eating and drinking: do’s and dont’s.

If you want to have a good practice, consider not eating one or two hours before you unfold your mat.

As for drinking water, only do it in small amounts beforehand and remember not to drink during practice.

It´s a given, but we need to stress that you have to avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine before yoga.

  1. Wear comfortable Yoga clothing

It is important that your clothes give freedom to stretch your body in all directions. You will need to bend your body right over and also turn it upside down.

For women in particular, tops that won’t fall down over your head in a shoulder stand might be more relaxing to wear.

So it is a must to wear comfy but secure clothes to ensure you have a nice practice. Check out our store. You will surely find something that you love.

  1. Make a habit out of Yoga

With only as little as 15 minutes a day of a few well-chosen poses you can get a very positive effect on your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

A regular practice will reap more benefits. You will get the hang of it sooner than later, and so will your body. Gradually you will become aware that you are now more comfortable and flexible.

  1. At the end, relax. And have a Shavasana day!

Finish your practice with Shavasana, ‘Corpse pose’, lying flat on the floor, resting and consciously relaxing your body for five to 15 minutes. Don’t rush out of it; get up very gently, rolling onto your right side and coming up to a sitting position in your own time.

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