3 Things to Consider When Buying Yoga Pants

There are many options in the market when it comes to choosing the right yoga pants, but there are just a few key pointers you need to keep in mind before you purchase your next pair. Breathe in, and have a look!

Now a days yoga pants play a dual role in our wardrobe. They are the go to option if you are looking for stay-at-home comfort. And they are also the best choice when you unroll your mat.

So, if you practice yoga daily, you know the important role your clothes play in the quality of your practice. As you ease into positions and let your mind and body release, the very last thing you want to worry about is pants.

No matter if you prefer tight or loose pants, if you ask yourself these three simple questions you can’t go wrong the next time you chose yoga pants.

Are my yoga pants comfortable?

This should be your number one priority! It usually means your pants must be lightweight and made from a breathable fabric.

Sweat might be a major issue in your practice if you don´t have the right gear. Forget about cotton, nylon or polyester. Nowadays we pray to the modal goddess.

Modal is an extremely hard-wearing fabric. It keeps its shape, even after frequent washing.

Unlike garments made from synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, Juana de Arco’s modal pants don´t trap perspiration and odors. Modal is up to 50 percent more absorbent than cotton, so clothes never feel sweaty and sticky.

Another important part of the decision making process to choose the perfect yoga pants is knowing how demanding your practice is going to be.

For example, if you practice Hatha our Kundalini yoga, you may want a loose fitting pair of pants that won’t constrict you, such as our divine Aladino Harem Pants.

But if your practice demands a tighter pair of yoga pants (and you love colour as much as we do), you might want to try on our Multicolour America Leggings.

Are these the right size?

When buying pants online, definitely consult size charts because all brands vary in size. And check the site’s return policy before completing your purchase.

Some things to remember when you buy yoga pants are that they should fit snuggly on both your hips and waist, but not so tight that you feel restricted. 

Also, your pants shouldn’t be too loose as that may interfere with your natural movement.  Finally, remember that during yoga, you perform inversions and bend over quite a bit.  So, you’ll want a pair that doesn’t slide down or expose you.

Are these a good length for me?

Balance is a major thing in any yogi’s practice. If your pants are too long and make you trip from pose to pose, you need new pants.

Don’t know where your pants must end? Easy: they shouldn’t fall too far below your calves. Or take as a reference your ankles as an imaginary line.

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