Juana de Arco: History, Values, Beliefs and Attributes

Juana de Arco is no ordinary brand of athleisure and lingerie clothing for women. Beyond its unique birth in the Palermo neighborhood, also known as the “Viejo” neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, it is striking brand in numerous ways.

Juan de Arco: our history

Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the fashion capital of the world, and one glance at the work created by the Juana de Arco brand will reinforce that idea.

The brand has had tremendous success since its inception, particularly in Japanese markets, where it has had an active consumer base for the past fifteen years in its two main flagship stores and multiple multi brand shops.

Additionally, it is maintaining its strong fan base in its native country of Argentina, with its two flagship stores still going strong and and the brand continuing to enjoy great success in the Argentinean market, as it has for the past twenty years.

The Juana de Arco brand is making inroads in United States markets as well, being present at assorted fashion shows in New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The Midwestern United States is the next great untapped market for the Juana de Arco brand, and Agustina Benedetti is making it happen.


The JDA brand is fundamentally about a fashion revolution. It is not seeking to become another generic athleisure brand, similar to lululemon. It is committed to remaining true to the brand’s inherent values and core personality.

Some of these values are related to leaving as little of an impact on our planet and its shared resources as possible: JDA is always seeking to make its practices increasingly ecologically friendly and produce a minimum of waste through the process of making clothing.

It would be difficult to believe our customers should be sustainable consumers if we were not sustainable producers.  Along those lines, there are more aspects to sustainability than just the environmental focus.

Wer are also committed to cooperative manufacturing practices. Above all, we seek to prioritize the concept of athleisure and lingerie clothing for women as a form of art.

Each Juana de Arco piece is one of a kind and hand printed. JDA wants all of our customers to feel as if they themselves are a work of art while they are wearing our unique pieces.

Wearable art is the signature component of the Juana de Arco brand and all of our customers should feel as if they are dressed up on both the outside and the inside! You are unique – why shouldn’t your clothes be?


Juana de Arco believes the world is a better place with a little – okay, a LOT – of color in it. Each uniquely crafted piece is designed to shower the wearer with both color and inspiration, and reinforce the idea that each and every one of us becomes a work of art when wearing a Juana de Arco piece.

In today’s day and age, when traditional ideas of professional attire are going out the window due to the advent of technology, the internet, and the gig economy, why not dress in something that’s comfortable, looks good, and makes you feel good?

JDA aims to meet all of those needs with our refreshing style. With a Juana de Arco outfit, you won’t even need to worry about bringing a change of clothes for your after-work yoga practice – you can rock a professional work outfit that is just as comfortable and will make you feel just as awesome when you’re practicing yoga as well!


Juana de Arco is designed for women of all ages, from preteens all the way up to retirement age. As mentioned earlier, the  brand intends to subvert traditional ideas of attire – why not rock athleisure all the time now that all of our lifestyles have become so active?

Additionally, because of the wide variety of prints and color combinations, Juana de Arco clothing is incredibly versatile.

You don’t need to dedicate any extra time to your style because Juana de Arco’s style will speak for you. Show your inside-out with Juana de Arco: colorful, happy, comfy, stylish, soft, and AS UNIQUE AS YOU!

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