We are Juana De Arco!

The Juana de Arco brand is designed for today’s working woman: someone who doesn’t have enough time to put a lot of thought into what she’s going to rock today, but who still wants to look good.

We produce exquisite athleisure and lingerie clothing for women. Each piece is completely unique: if you buy our product, you are guaranteed to be the only woman in the world with something like it. You’re unique, why shouldn’t your clothes be?

In the world we now live in, technology and the internet have radically shifted our working lives. Because we are so on the move all the time, it is becoming more and more ridiculous to expect every day attire for women to remain tight pencil skirts and stiletto high heels.

What once worked for professional apparel is no longer relevant in the world of today’s gig economy. What women need is comfortable, flattering clothing that still provides a signature flair – and Juana de Arco is up for the challenge.

We are touching down on a particular, previously untapped market niche: clothing that’s fitting for work and for pre- or post-work yoga. Bring your yoga practice with you wherever you go with comfortable, bright Juana de Arco clothing, and be able t do yoga anywhere.

We are Juana de Arco

The designers at Juana de Arco would like to see a world with a bit more color in it. That is part of what makes our pieces so show stopping – they can seem to sometimes literally explode with color.

While each of our pieces is completely unique, the “We are Juana” line promotes the idea that while we are each special as unique and distinct individuals, our customers share several key attributes. They love color.

They love fun. They love to look good without putting in a ton of effort. The “We are Juana” line accomplishes all that and more: the look is fresh, clean, and fun. It is also somehow classic, timeless, and completely original all at once. You will have to see it to believe it – and once you see the “We are Juana” line, you will not be able to look away.

Designed to appeal to people from all backgrounds, of all cultures, and of all ages, the “We are Juana” line cements the idea that human beings have far more in common than we have dividing us. And it is perfect for the whole family, with options expanding beyond just women.

The “We are Juana” line also has options for children, with a bit more of a sassy twist and magical, whimsical feel for the littler ones. And of course, Juana de Arco would never forget the men of the family: “We are Juana” also makes comfortable, laid back garments for men.

Juana de Arco makes sure the products in our brand have several key attributes that all of our customers will be able to count on. As mentioned above, all of our products have a striking, colorful appeal that looks very flattering on all body types.

But for those of you who may be well versed in the ways of laundry, you may be wondering, “Can all that color actually last beyond a few washes?” The answer is a resounding yes, it certainly can. Juana de Arco intentionally uses a type of modal fabric that receives and holds a variation of bright dyes far better than conventional cotton.

Multiple washes will continue to make your already soft and comfortable Juana de Arco product even more soft and more comfy, but the colors will remain as vivid as they were on the very first day you purchased your masterpiece of fashion art.

Additionally, modal fabric has an awesome convenience factor: you simply lay it flat to make sure it dries, and it dries extremely quickly. Never again will you have to worry about leaving out your dress or yoga pants for hours and coming to hang it up, only to find your kids knocked it on to your dusty floor and it has to be washed all over again.

Another key attribute of the Juana de Arco brand is its versatility. Clothing made from the Juana de Arco brand is great for the traditional uses of athleisure clothing and lingerie, whether that is working out, hanging around the house, or getting a little frisky. But it is completely versatile.

A pair of Juana de Arco leggings works great when doing some yoga stretches, or they can be combined with a top and heels and become ideal for a night out. Your sense of style and your own personal yoga practice are both completely unique – so why shouldn’t the clothes to match them be unique as well?  

Juana de Arco lingerie can be a fun way to surprise your partner, or they can work just as well for lounging or swimming at the beach. Juana de Arco recognizes that in today’s day and age, everyone is expected to be multiple things to multiple people, so why not have the same expectations of versatility for your clothing as well?

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